Evidence of Community Pride.

  Emphasis on quality in business and community life.

Willingness to invest in the future.

  Participatory approach to community decision-making.

Cooperative community spirit.

  Realistic appraisal of future opportunities.

Awareness of competitive positioning.

  Knowledge of the physical environment.

Active economic development program.

  Deliberate transition of power to a younger generation of leaders.

Acceptance of women in leadership roles.

  Strong belief in and support for education.

Problem-solving-approach to providing health care.

  Strong multi-generational family orientation.

Strong presence of traditional institutions that are integral to community life.

  Attention to sound and well-maintained infrastructure.

Careful use of fiscal resources.

  Sophisticated use of information resources.

Willingness to seek help from the outside.

  Conviction that, in the long run, you have to do it yourself.

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