A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Compost Bin

Step One:

Dig post holes approximately two feet deep. If you plan on using a tractor to turn or remove your comost pile, you may want to consider setting the posts in concrete and pouring a concrete slab. Insert 8' x 6" x 6" posts into post holes.

Step Two:

Attach 4’ x 2” x 2” boards vertically to each post. These boards will act as guides and will hold the sides of the compost bin in place.

Step Three:

Slide 8' x 2" x 8" boards between 2"x2"s, stacking sides into place. Small sections of wood can be inserted between each board to create some space between each slat, allowing air to flow more freely into the pile and speed up the composting process. Landscape timbers can also be used in place of 8' x 2" x 8" boards.

The Final Product!

To see this demonstration compost bin, visit the Silver Lake Park horse camp. Directions to Silver Lake Park: Drive east on Mount Baker Highway to Maple Falls, turn left on Silver Lake Road and follow the signs to the park.