Compost Feedstocks:

The following are small hobby farms that have excess manures you can pick up for your own composting use.

Windy Acres Farm
Sonja Wingard
Bellingham, WA
Llama manure
(We have lots of Llama manure, some of it is well aged and composted, other has some very small amts of wood shavings and or hay mixed in. Come with bags or pickups but definitely call ahead. We have tractor to load pickups. We will be greatly depleting our supply in August and will have nothing but fresh manure from Sept to Jan. By Jan. we will have more composted again. Call Sonja, 671-3509 to set up an appointment.)


Gwen & Tom Hunter
Lama & Horse Manure
We have a small farm in Whatcom County and have llama and horse manure available year 'round. Our horse manure is not technically 'composted' but is nutritious and has 'cooked' a bit. We and are located on a ridge near Squalicum Valley. (Everyone who took manure last year has returned this year for more. We recently increased our herd size so have more to give. Just give us a call....)


Al & Anna Biemold
1861 E. Pole Rd.
Everson, WA
Don't call--but just wear your Master Composter or Master Gardener badge.
Straw, wood shavings & calf manure pile--west end is old, east end new.


Wilder Horse farm
Willard & Charla Wilder
7931 Valley View Road
Custer WA 98240


Horse manure & wood shavings. He will load pickup with loader for a nominal fee--otherwise free if you shovel yourself.


Linda Puller


Horse manure. Give her a call and she will tell you when and where to pick it up.


Verna McLeod
Lake Whatcom Area


Aged horse manure. Give her a call, she will help you load it.


Lost River Alpaca Farm
Linda Bylsma


U-load. Alpaca manure is picked up from fields daily and placed in heap that you can drive up to.


Kerry Heaps
Bellingham area

Horse Manure


U-load. Manure kept in a concret bunker, partially composted. You can drive close.



For more information on how to safely compost these manures, you may want to read more about it. Backyard Composting, Fundamentals of Composting and Why & How to Compost explain the composting process, and how to compost manures. Also, here is a site with a calculator that helps you determine the ideal feedstock mix by determining the carbon/nitrogen ratio: Compost Mix Calculator