Compost Experiment Garden at Hovander Homestead Park

Right beside the Compost Demonstraton site, there is also an experimental garden, where replicates of plants are planted in compost amended soil, and no compost amended soil, to track the vigor and productabilty of the plants. This is an ongoing experiment site, which we hope to track for 5 or more years.

Setting up the experiment site in Spring of 1999:

Beans, Beets and Broccoli growing:

There were some interesting findings among the bean replicates in 1999. The beans grown in the compost amended soil began vigorous and healthy. The beans in the soil that was not amended, exhibited early signs of interveinal clorosis and necrosis. This was quite dramatic, and true of every single plot!

Sample photo of non-compost amended plant:

Sample photo of compost amended plant:


To read more about this an other findings, click on Compost Experiment 1999. To read about our first year experiment in 1998, click on Compost Experiment 1998.

We will continue to research differences in growth characteristics between the compost and non-compost amended plots.

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