Many Types of Compost--

Many Types of Bins

What is important to you for your compost endeavor? Do you need
to ensure that it's pathogen free--and has no weed seeds--or will
you not be composting questionable materials? Do you need it fast?
Do you have time to manage your compost--or will you turn it
infrequently, or never? Do you have a spot where no one will notice
the compost--or will you have to locate it in an area that all
your neighbors will see it?

There are many considerations to think about before deciding
what type of compost bin and what method you want to use.

Here are some sample bins and methods, some expensive,
some very inexpensive, and the advantages and disadvantages
of each system to help you decide.

Plain Old Heap system

Wood Pallet Bin

Circular Wire Mesh Bin

2 or 3 bin wood slat stationary system

Wood Frame Wire Mesh Bin

Contained Plastic Commercial "Earth Machine"

Rotating Drum Commercial machine

Salvaged Wood Bin


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